How to Make the Iced Strawberry Mint Tea?


This refreshing summertime beverage, the iced Strawberry Mint Tea, made with your chosen black tea, strawberries, mint, and just a touch of sugar, is the ideal way to stay fresh. It’s also a great idea to share this delightful concoction with your companions and colleagues. 

The Chilled Strawberry Mint Tea

In the springtime and summertime particularly, I adore drinking iced tea. There’s something special about sipping a lovely mug of iced tea while lounging in the sun on the screened terrace. I’ve been smitten with this iced strawberry mint tea lately! You’ll adore sipping fresh strawberry mint tea for all its positive health advantages in addition to its delicious taste!

The Ingredients

  • 17-20 strawberries 
  • 1.5 to 2 cups sugar
  • 2-3 mint sprigs
  • 4 black Bags of tea
  • 6 Cups of water 

Steps to make the Strawberry Mint Tea

  • Pour three cups of water into a tiny pot and heat it until it boils. Drop the tea bags into the water that’s heating and turn off the fire. Put it aside and give it no less than ten minutes for steeping.
  • Chopped strawberries should be blended until homogeneous in a food grinder or mixer. Squeeze the mix of strawberries through an intricate sieve over a basin until only puree is left. Put aside.
  • Strain the chilled tea into the vessel of your choice and stir in the confectionery ingredient to the appropriate level of predetermined sweetness. Mix until the sugar is dissolved.
  • Pour in the final three glasses of water. Pour the strawberry pulp and whisk to blend.
  • Then you can add a handful of mint leaves to every mug separately or to the whole container, depending on how strong you want that minty taste. Shaking to let the flavor emerge. Have fun!

Ideas and TechniquesHow to Make the Iced Strawberry Mint Tea?

  • I use a large pitcher or solo mug to achieve a very delicate mint taste in this cocktail. While the brewed beverage is still bubbling and brewing, add mint leaves if you like a stronger mint taste.
  • The flavor may be altered by varying the amount of sweetener used. Depending on personal preference, you can add as much or as little.
  • Before cooling, make sure the brewed beverage has reached ambient temperature.

Benefits of Drinking Strawberry Mint Tea

You’ll desire to sip mint tea daily because it has numerous health advantages! The Strawberry Mint Tea supports:

  • Aiding digestive problems
  • Relieving headaches
  • Breath freshness
  • Relief from menstruation cramps
  • Promoting deeper sleep

My Ultimate Suggestion for you!

A jug of strawberry mint tea keeps well in the refrigerator for up to three days. Before gushing, swirl. It is best to whisk this drink before pouring it across ice because it tends to split somewhat in the refrigerator. If desired, sprinkle with mint and add some freshly picked strawberries that have been chopped! 


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