How to prepare the Spicy Cheese Twists?


Try these crunchy and spicy cheese twists to liven up your standard cheese snack. These handmade Fiery Cheese Twists are sure to please cheese straw lovers. They create a delicious cocktail celebration snack and are surprisingly simple to make.

Make this spectacular appetizer with that overlooked puff pastry packet you have hidden in the bottom of the fridge, alongside some basic cupboard ingredients. Alternatively, present it in an appetizing pie tin with a glass of champagne for a hostess treat that’s simple to prepare. These Spicy Cheese Twists are incredibly versatile.

The Spicy Cheese Twists

The Hot Cheese Twists rely on premade pastry puffs to give these easy party snacks scaly, cheesy coatings. These cheese twists, topped with seasoned Gouda cheese and thyme, are both soft and crackling at the same time. On the pastry, the cheese creates miniature crispy bubbles and mouthwatering crevices.

Cayenne pepper gives them a jolt, while garlic powder adds taste. You can experiment with various pairings of cheese and herbs that fit your taste, such as Parmesan and rosemary or Cheddar and bacon. These cheese twists, styled like adorable knot ties, are sure to be the talk of the gathering. Enjoy it with bubbly beverages and champagne.

The IngredientsHow to prepare the Spicy Cheese Twists?

  • One huge egg that has been pounded
  • A smidgeon of kosher salt
  • One-half teaspoon of powdered garlic
  • One-half teaspoon of cayenne
  • Six ounces of old Gouda cheese (approximately one cup), shredded in an edible blender
  • A tablespoon of leaves of thyme
  • ½ (17.3-oz) package of defrosted refrigerated puff pastry strips
  • Flour for all purposes, to coat an area


Steps to prepare the Spicy Cheese Twists

  • Turn the oven on to 425 Fahrenheit. Put parchment rolls on a pair of baking sheets and place them separately. In a tiny container, combine the Gouda and thyme; leave aside.
  • One puff pastry strip should be rolled out into a 14-inch rectangle on an area dusted with flour. Use a knife or spoon to poke everything deeply. In a tiny bowl, combine an egg and a teaspoon of water. Gently spread the egg concoction over the crust. Add the cayenne pepper, garlic powder, and salt in equal amounts.
  • Split the puff pastry in the center to create a pair of rectangles that are 14 by 7 inches. Using both sides of your hands, push ¾ cup of the Gouda combination uniformly across any of the rectangles to secure the cheese to the bread.
  • Place the remaining pastry sheet immediately atop the cheese-topped pastry page, egg-washed face-up. Using your palms to adhere the cheese to the dough, generously distribute the remainder of the ⅓ cup Gouda concoction over the whole crust.
  • Slice the pastry pile crosswise into two rectangles measuring 14 by 3½ inches. Each rectangle should yield 12 segments, each measuring approximately 3½ by 1 inch.
  • A single piece at a glance, wrap both edges in reverse ways until they resemble a bow tie with both ends on the cheese facing up. Place bow ties, a minimum of ½ inch distance, on baking pans that have been prepped.
  • To make the tips stick to the paper, lightly tap them downwards. Using fingertips, compress the exact center of each strand to form the bow tie’s core.
  • Cook, one sheet of parchment paper at one time, in an already heated oven for 12 to 16 minutes, or until golden and crispy brown. For a minimum of five minutes, let the baking tray chill. Heat or dish at an ambient temperature.

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