Make the Refreshing Ginger-Orange Mocktail with Kombucha


This simple and refreshing Ginger-Orange Mocktail features luscious maple nectar, zesty orange, and lime, all lifted by the fizz of ginger kombucha. In only five minutes, this mocktail provides a pleasant beverage that perfectly balances tastes, enhanced with a sugar and cinnamon border for a hint of spiciness. 

The Energizing Ginger-Orange Mocktail 

This alcohol-free beverage will delight your palate with its exquisite balance of tart and dulcet tastes.

I adore using kombucha because it gives beverages a distinctive touch and a zippy, effervescent quality that makes you feel rejuvenated and energized. Additionally, kombucha provides an extra fitness thrust, supporting immune system function and assisting with metabolism. In addition to being tasty, kombucha also contains bacteria and anti-oxidants, thereby rendering it a healthy option.

This beverage, in my opinion, would be the ideal lunch mocktail because it can compete with other brunch concoctions like mimosas. A tiny amount of sweetness from maple syrup and citrus from orange juice shouts breakfast, doesn’t it?

It’s great at any moment of the day and would even work nicely as a mocktail for the morning. This Ginger-Orange Mocktail is the ideal way to chill out after a hard day or to give to visitors at a drink gathering!

The addition of Kombucha in Mocktails

Now let’s talk about making libations using kombucha. Alcohol is not completely absent from kombucha.

The majority of kombucha variants sold in shops will include traces of alcohol; all should have less than 0.5% alcohol by volume. Homebrew and kombucha from small-scale producers may have higher concentrations.

Having said that, I would want to clarify that not all individuals will enjoy this mocktail. This kombucha drink isn’t suitable for you if you are abstaining from alcohol in any form.

Stay around, everybody else—you’re gonna adore it!

The Ingredients in Ginger-Orange MocktailMake the Refreshing Ginger-Orange Mocktail with Kombucha

  • Orange Juice: An excellent means of receiving an adequate dose of vitamin C. Although I like to use freshly squeezed orange water, you may also use high-quality pure orange juice; however, I would advise against using an orange juice mix. 
  • Lemon Juice: Utilize lime juice that has just been drained directly from the lime; steer clear of the prepackaged kind, which frequently tastes harsh. 
  • Ginger Kombucha: Numerous kombucha products exist, and nearly all of them contain a gingery taste, however, few have a more pronounced ginger essence than others. The taste of ginger can occasionally be combined with various flavors, such as lemon, and these combinations can also be effective. I suggest sticking with your preferred supplier! 
  • Maple Syrup: Ensure that the maple sap you use is completely genuine! 
  • For the Rim: Cinnamon powder with powdered sugar. Although it might be enticing to frequently omit the rim from a mocktail, the addition of a sugary cinnamon rim takes the beverage to a completely new level.  

Steps to Prepare the Ginger-Orange Mocktail

  • In a tiny dish, combine sweetness and crushed cinnamon.
  • Leave the lime pulp on the outer edge of the glass after rubbing it about.
  • Glass rims should be dipped in the cinnamon-sugar concoction.
  • Pour the orange and lime juices, maple syrup, and a few chunks of ice into a shaker for cocktails.
  • Until cool, give it a good stir for ten seconds or so.
  • Rinse the glass with ice and drop in the agitated concoction.
  • Place three ounces of the gingery kombucha on top.
  • Enjoy the revitalizing flavor of your Kombucha Ginger-Orange Mocktail after giving it a little swirl.

The Ultimate Line

If you feel like being daring, think about experimenting with other orange juices. You may puree a mandarin or blood orange. Try a variety of kombucha tastes to make some really interesting blends. Consider garnishing with a piece of clean ginger or some orange wedges.

If you want to add some uniqueness to it, try exchanging lime for another citrus fluid such as lemonade or grapefruit pulp. If you are making for many people or a party, increase ingredients accordingly and serve in a highball glass. Remember to put Kombucha just before drinking to keep it bubbly.

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