Matcha Green Tea Smoothie



one ripe banana
almond milk, 1 cup
1 tablespoon matcha powdered green tea
1 tablespoon of optional honey
An ice cube


Slice up the peeled, ripe banana into manageable pieces.
Banana chunks, almond milk, matcha green tea powder, and honey (if preferred) should all be blended together.
Blend all the ingredients until they are smooth and well-combined, then tightly close the blender’s cover. A few ice cubes can be added to the smoothie to make it cooler and thicker.
Pour the matcha green tea smoothie into glasses when the ingredients have been thoroughly combined.
For a nice presentation, whip up some more almond milk with the electric whisk and spoon the froth on top of the smoothie.

You can want to garnish it with a little extra matcha powder.
Enjoy the matcha green tea smoothie right away!

Note: You can change the smoothie’s sweetness by including more or less honey, depending on your personal preferences.

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