Prepare the Mint & Rosemary Vanilla Lemonade in 4 Steps


Rosemary Vanilla Lemonade

This recipe for Mint and Rosemary Vanilla Lemonade has a taste with seeds and is delightful. You can feed your entire family this delicious homemade lemonade recipe at all of your summertime get-togethers. Would you like to make it into an adult-only excellent cocktail? Not an issue. To make it into a tasty rosemary lemonade drink, add some vodka (or gin).

Best Lemonade for Summer Vacations

Every summer trip we took as kids began with a long trip to our vacation spot. For my parents, their travels held greater significance than the final destination when they went on road trips.

Our ideal holiday destination would usually be somewhere on the Mediterranean coast. We had to drive for ten to twelve hours in the sweltering summer heat to get to the south because we were living in the far north of Turkey.

We didn’t have air conditioning in our cars back then, so we needed something to stay cool while we were out in the sun for so long.

My mother came up with this rosemary vanilla lemonade as a remedy. She would begin preparing it the day before using a container filled with juiced lemons and herbs, which she would then place in a huge drink that had a dispenser and ice in it. We would drink it as we traveled.

Even now, whenever I sip this lemonade, I am transported back to my early years. My spouse declared that the lemonade I had prepared was the finest he had ever had, so I figured I would share it with you. I just prepared it again.

The Ingredients for Rosemary Vanilla Lemonade

  • Scraped Vanilla BeansPrepare the Mint & Rosemary Vanilla Lemonade in 4 Steps
  • Large Lemons 
  • Sprigs of Fresh Rosemary
  • Sprigs of fresh mint
  • Ice
  • Cold Water
  • Natural or Granulated Sugar

Steps to Make the Rosemary Vanilla Lemonade

There are three steps involved in creating this vanilla lemonade with mint and rosemary:

  • Put a strainer with a medium mesh in a bowl. Put it away. After scraping the vanilla pod, transfer the seeds to a small bowl. Keep the vanilla pod in place.
  • Cut entire lemons into slices and set them through a strainer. Include the vanilla seeds, pods, natural sugar, fresh mint leaves, and fresh rosemary sprigs. With your spotless hands, deliver a message to it. When I do this, I normally wear disposable gloves. Making sure that the citrus and new herbs are both coated in sugar and vanilla, as well as extracting some of the fluids from the cut lemons and their zest, is the main goal of this process.
  • Put it in the refrigerator for at least three hours, but better overnight, and seal it with wrapping paper.
  • When all of the lemon juice has been extracted, remove it from the refrigerator and squeeze the lemons through the strainer. After removing the particles, transfer the bowl’s contents into a large container. Try some of your vanilla lemonade. It needs to be quite tart and sweet. Pour eight cups of icy water into a big jug that is already filled with frost. After stirring, serve.

What makes this Rosemary Vanilla Lemonade Superior to the others? 

This is the greatest recipe for rosemary lemonade, in my estimation, for three reasons:

  • Lemon Skin: The majority of lemonade recipes throw away the lemon peel, but I believe there are many nuances in the zest that are worth preserving. The oils in the lemon peels escape into the lemonade when the chopped lemons (with their exteriors attached) are left in the sieve with the other components and then mingled.
  • Employing Raw Mint and Rosemary: Herbs, according to my mother, are like perfume; they enhance and complete a meal. This dish is a great way to do it. The taste of the fresh herbs was released and infused into the lemonade when they sat in the sieve with the sweeteners, lemons, and vanilla beans.
  • Time: Allow everything to settle for some hours so that the tastes can meld and the lemon juices have a chance to escape into the bowl. It is always prepared the day before and refrigerated by my mother. If you have the clock, I strongly advise you to do so. 

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