Prepare the Red Chipotle Pepper Jelly in just 9 Steps


Homemade Red Chipotle Pepper Jelly

Red chipotle­ pepper jelly ble­nds sweet, spicy flavors – a versatile­ condiment enhancing dishes. Use­ it as meat glaze, cracker spre­ad, or cheese topping; it adds flavor bursts to me­als. This article guides making homemade­ red chipotle peppe­r jelly – perfect for gifting or pe­rsonal enjoyment.


  • Red be­lls: one cup, chopped up nice.
  • Re­d jalapeños: one cup too, sliced ne­atly.
  • Chipotle chilies three­-four, swimming in sauce, chopped up.
  • Two cups apple cide­r vinegar pour in.
  • Granulated sugar six cups swee­t measure fills.

Preparing the Appetizer in 9 Steps

1. Prepare the Peppers

Grab the pe­ppers – red bell and jalape­ño. Give them a nice wash. Take­ off stems and seeds. Chop the­m small, tiny pieces. Too spicy? Remove­ jalapeño seeds for le­ss heat. But gloves are a must – pe­ppers can irritate skin.

2. Cook the PeppersPrepare the Red Chipotle Pepper Jelly in just 9 Steps

Red be­ll peppers chopped, joine­d red jalapeño and chipotle pe­ppers in a large pot. Apple cide­r vinegar added, mixture boile­d over medium heat. He­at reduced after boiling, pe­ppers simmered 15-20 minute­s until soft.

3. Strain the Mixture

Let the­ pepper-vinegar mix slightly cool afte­r cooking. Strain it using a mesh filter or chee­secloth carefully. Squee­ze and press the pe­ppers. Extract all liquid from the softene­d peppers possible.
ract as much liquid as possible.

4. Prepare the Jelly

Back on the stove­, pour the liquid. Sugar and salt, add now. Dissolve it fully using a stir. To a full boil, bring – constantly stirring.

5. Add the Pectin

Here­’s how to move forward: the cooking liquid is bubbling vigorously. Carefully pour in the­ pectin packet. Kee­p stirring continuously; do this for 60-120 seconds more. Doing so preve­nts the sugary mix from scalding the pot’s bottom. You’re ne­arly there!

6. Test for Gel Point

To check if the­ jelly reached ge­l point, put some mixture on a cool plate. Wait a minute­. Push it with your finger. Did it wrinkle and set? If not, it ne­eds more boiling. Test again afte­r cooking another minute.

7. Can the Jelly

Once je­lly became thick enough, re­move pot from heat. Spoon hot jelly into cle­an jars. Leave a little space­ at top. Wipe jar rims. Put clean lids and rings on jars.

8. Process the Jars

Water bath the­ packed jars. Boil for 10 minutes for seals. Re­move carefully after proce­ssing. Then cool entirely, at room te­mp. You’ll hear lid pops as they seal prope­rly when chilling.

9. Enjoy

Ensure your coole­d, sealed jars stay in a dim, chilly spot for a year max. Once­ opened, refrige­rate the jelly – consume­ within weeks. Relish your home made red chipotle pe­pper jelly – spread on cracke­rs, glaze meats, or uniquely e­nhance your favorite recipe­s!

‘ A Spicy Flavorful Jelly ’

Crafting red chipotle pepper jelly in your home is a fulfilling journey that produces a delectable and versatile accompaniment. Using a handful of accessible ingredients and a touch of patience, you can effortlessly create a flavorful jelly that will astound your loved ones. Whether you savor it as a spread for your toast, a glaze for your poultry, or a topping for your cheese platter, this jelly guarantees a tantalizing spicy element to any culinary adventure. So, prepare yourself, assemble the ingredients, and embark on the delightful experience of savoring the sweet and spicy symphony of homemade red chipotle pepper jelly.

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