Prepare the Sparkling Plum Drink at Home Easily


The Dazzling Plum Drink

To combat the heat, try a delicious summertime beverage called Sparkling Plum Drink, which is created with fresh, ripe plums.

Kids love it too since it’s healthful, refreshing, and tastes like fresh, juicy sweet plums. It’s called plum juice by my daughter.

An excellent way to utilize those prematurely ripe plums and soothe your thirst this summer. In case you were wondering what to do with those overripe plums.

Making this plum cocktail is a cinch. The best part is that you can create a large quantity of this drink concentrate and refrigerate it for two to three weeks. Simply remove, top with ice and sparkling water, and enjoy anytime you’d like. 

We have this plum drink every summer at our house. It’s one of my favorite summertime fresh fruit beverages. 

How Wholesome Are Plums? 

During the summer, plums are so readily accessible. Plums have a lot of advantages in addition to their deliciously sweet and tart taste, like:

Plums include a wealth of beneficial vitamins and minerals.

In addition to helping with digestion, plums have been shown to reduce cholesterol, strengthen the immune system, support skin health, and combat free radicals.

In light of this, eating plums in your nutritional plan seems sensible!

Variation of the Plum Drink Flavor

A terrific way to incorporate this yearly fresh fruit into your diet is to make this drink. This is a great method to enjoy plums for children and others who don’t eat them whole as a fruit.

This is an excellent substitute for any juice or carbonated beverage, including those “artificially flavored” plum juices!

This season, I cooked this twice. I bought red plums from the market the first time, then black plums, which are considerably sweeter, the second time. Of course, the sweetness was what made the difference in flavor.

The black plum produced a considerably sweeter drink with less sugar needed, naturally, whereas the red plum produced a sour-sweet drink.

Additionally, this is a great way to use up any remaining ripe plums.

The Ingredients for Plum DrinkPrepare the Sparkling Plum Drink at Home Easily

You need:

  • Plums 
  • Sugar 
  • Some black salt 
  • And soda/sparkling water.

As previously mentioned, it may be prepared in large quantities and refrigerated in clean, sealed glass bottles. Because the plums have been prepared, it doesn’t spoil quickly.

Steps to Make the Stunning Plum Drink

  • First, boil the necessary number of plums in an adequate amount of water for five to ten minutes, or until the plums are soft and tender. The plums can also be pressure-cooked for one or two whistles in a small amount of water.
  • After the plums are boiling, thoroughly stir in the sugar. I made use of unrefined brown cane sugar. I like this even though it’s not that different from conventional refined white sugar. It is preferable to use raw, unprocessed cane sugar if you can obtain it.
  • Allow the liquid to cool once the sugar has dissolved. After the plums have cooled down, crush them and strain the puree to extract the plum seeds.
  • You are left with a thick purée. similar to what’s seen in the images below.
  • The peels that remain in the sieve can be thrown aside. On the other hand, the peels can also be added to the plum pulp after being individually blended in a blender. This is a sustainable technique to use the entire fruit and save waste, even if the drink won’t have a very smooth texture.
  • Add a little pepper, salt, and black salt now. It’s time for the plum concentrate. 

Ideas For Serving

To enjoy it, pour ice into a glass and add a half-glass of plum essence (you may adjust the amount to suit your sweetness preference).

Pour in a little lemon juice and a few shredded mint leaves (these are entirely optional), and then top with iced sparkling water (soda). It’s delicious. You all are going to like this cocktail, I’m sure.

Although you can always put plain water in place of the soda, the fizz adds the true flavor.

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