Teriyaki Salmon with Steamed Vegetables


Form: Teriyaki Salmon with Steamed Vegetables


4 salmon fillets
mug soy sauce
mug mirin( Japanese sweet rice wine)
soupspoons honey
2 cloves garlic, diced
tablespoon grated gusto
mugs mixed vegetables( carrots, broccoli, snow peas,etc.)
Cooked rice, for serving


In a coliseumwhisk together the soy sauce, mirin, honeydiced garlic, and grated gusto to make the teriyaki sauce.
Place the salmon fillets in a shallow dish and pour half of the teriyaki sauce over them. Marinate for 15 twinkles.
Meanwhile, prepare your Instant Pot by adding 1 mug of water to the inner potPlace the steamer handbasket outside.
Place the mixed vegetables in the steamer handbasketclose the lid, and set the stopcock to” Sealing.”
Using the Instant Pot’s homemade settingcook the vegetables on high pressure for 2 twinkles.
While the vegetables are cooking, preheat a skillet or caff visage over mediumhigh heat.
Remove the salmon fillets from the condimentreserving the condiment for after use.
Cook the salmon fillets on the skillet or caff visage for about 4- 5 twinkles on each side until cooked through and caramelized.
While the salmon is cookingtransfer the cooked vegetables to a serving plate and keep them warm.
Pour the reticent teriyaki condiment into a small saucepan and bring to a pustuleReduce the heat and poach for many twinkles until slightly thickened.
Serve the teriyaki salmon over a bed of fumed vegetables, mizzle with the thickened teriyaki sauce, and trim with sesame seeds if asked.
Cook rice using the Electric Rice Cooker according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
Serve the teriyaki salmon and fumed vegetables with cooked rice on the side.

Enjoy your succulent Teriyaki Salmon with Steamed Vegetables!

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